All Mouse and No Trousers creates high quality statement ware for people who want to bring a little more laughter into life. Maybe your t-shirt needs to start a conversation or your beach towel just won’t take it laying down, All Mouse and No Trousers hears you. We are bright, we are vivid and we are oh so playful!

Set up in memory of my friend Michael (aka ‘Mouse’) who sadly passed away in December 2016. A man who struggled with addiction and homelessness at the end of his life won’t be remembered for those things, but rather his wit, his humour and that twinkle in his eye when he’d found a joke in the darkness. All Mouse and No Trousers is that joke in the darkness and whilst we’re bringing our customers a laugh we’ll be using our influence and our money to help those less well off.

Click here to learn more about Mouse and the charities we support.